With Love Montana

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With Love Montana

BOOK 1: Montana Cowgirl — Fifteen years ago, I loved her with every ounce of my being…and hated her just as passionately for what she did. But this beautiful, broken stranger isn’t the same cocky rodeo queen who left Marietta with such big dreams. I might be the only friend she has in this small town with a long memory. Still, there’s no denying the connection between us. A single touch of her hand proved that.

BOOK 2: 
Montana Cowboy — I know my hometown thinks I deserved getting knocked down a notch or two after that scandal in Helena. But I’m a Big Sky Maverck and I’ll fly high again after the political dust settles. How better to kill time than to make friends with my new neighbor? The gal they’re calling Marietta’s “Red Hot Llama Mama.” Nothing serious. Just a little here-today-gone-to-Helena-tomorrow fun.

BOOK 3: 
Montana Darling — People look at me and see a vagrant living in a tent beside the Marietta River. Just ask Mia Zabrinski, who blew into my camp with fire in her eyes and legal threats tumbling past her gorgeous, perfect lips. For the first time since I lost everything, I can feel my creative juices starting to flow—along with an unexpected jolt of lust. Unfortunately, prickly attorney Mia seems more interested in making war than love—range war.

BOOK 4: 
Montana Maverick — I’ll admit flying a helicopter in a blizzard wasn’t a great idea. But watching my grandbaby burn up with a fever while gasping for air wasn’t an option. I figured it was all over when we went down, but then an angel in snowshoes came to our rescue. Meg Z of all people. The woman the Press labeled my “archenemy.”

BOOK 5: 
Montana Gift  So, my wife of forty years tells me she’s going to write our life story—even the bad sh…stuff. And lord knows there was plenty of that. Booze. Fights. Grief. Remorse. Why anyone would want to read about this is beyond me, but I can’t say no to Louise. After all, she saved me too many times to remember. Now, you can read all about it…just in time for Christmas.

BOOK 6: 
Montana Miracle The calendar is clicking down to December 25. The best possible travel day for a guy like me. No family gathered ‘round a tree. No friends expecting me for a big ham dinner. No sticky strings attached…except for a dog that doesn’t understand the command: “Go away.” And a beautiful but nosy pastor who claims I’m a “miracle in the making.” For a smart lady, Pastor Sam Zabrinski, sure picked the wrong ex-con to play Joseph in her living créche.

7: Her Hero to Love  I’m nobody’s hero. I tried that once. And I’ve got the recurring nightmares to prove it. So, when my little brother mentioned a Search and Rescue job opening in Marietta, I jumped in with both feet—just like they teach you in SmokeJumper School. Too bad nobody mentioned Kat Robinson, my scorching hot co-worker. Whatever this crazy attraction is between us, I’m keeping a safe distance—for everyone’s sake.

 Her Rogue to Tame  “Get your Zip On.” That’s the slogan for the zip line I’m building. Correction: was building. My dream is on hold until I’m back on my feet. I can’t work on the mountain, but I can hobble well enough to accept gorgeous Amanda Heller’s offer: supervise the restoration of her grandmother’s old Victorian while sharing the property’s guest house. I predict a quick fling in my future—a month or two tops. Which everyone knows isn’t long enough for a rogue like me to fall in love.

: Her Rebel to KissMy SmokeJumper brothers, Flynn and Tucker, claim my off-season climbing career is too risky. I argued otherwise until…I walked away. Luckily, I landed a great job in Marietta. Settling down always seemed more daunting than Everest until I kissed a mysterious lady in red on New Year’s Eve. Maybe my climbing credo applies to love, too.


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