The Eight Second Wedding

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The Eight Second Wedding

Marry Madeleine Decker? Not in a million years!

Rodeo cowboy Channing Richardson has absolutely no intention of marrying his mother’s best friend’s daughter despite their maternal machinations! Yes, he’s the only unmarried son she has left, but he has no interest in marrying anyone, let alone scholarly city girl Madeleine Decker.

It’s the only thing he and Madeleine agree on. No matter that he’s drop-dead handsome—and smarter than she wants to give him credit for —Madeleine still prefers spinsterhood to marrying infuriating Wyoming bull rider Chan. But mothers who have a PhD in genetics and years of anthropological fieldwork are disinclined to take ‘no’ for an answer.

There’s only one way to convince them: Chan and Madeleine will go down the road from rodeo to rodeo together that summer. Sure, it’s drastic, but proof is the one thing their mothers understand.

Spending two months butting heads, dealing with pulled muscles, ornery bulls, and so many miles of road in an RV the size of a walnut, is maybe not the greatest idea they’ve ever had.  The best they can hope for is to escape unscathed.

Unless, of course, their mothers are right.


Cowboy, Come Home, Book 4

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