Sworn to Honor

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Sworn to Honor

She wakes his war-weary soul with a song, but can she trust him

Navy SEAL Julian “Joker” Desmond didn’t get his nickname from cracking jokes. He’s tough, suspicious and honed by battle, but when he hears a woman singing in a local bar after his recent deployment, he lets down his guard for a taste of heaven. In the morning, she’s gone, leaving him bitterly disappointed.

Music therapist Sam Campbell knows better than to let a man get close. Her family is dangerous, and she deliberately keeps a low profile. When she runs into Julian again at her teen client’s house, she’s both thrilled and dismayed. She’s been unable to forget their night of fireworks and connection, but she’s determined to keep them both safe.

When he discovers Sam’s dark past and why she ran after their night of passion, Julian vows to protect her…or die trying.


Sworn Navy SEALs, Book 2

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