Highland Dark Magic

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Highland Dark Magic

Powerful witch Fiona Maguire was furious to be assigned a gorgeous, irritating half-demon as partner. But fighting otherworldly creatures together has shown her that Lorcan Wright is a damn good agent, someone she can trust with her life. In fact, he stirs unexpected feelings not appreciated by their new co-agent, the elven-Fae prince she once loved.

Lorcan Wright has never wanted for women, but he has no idea how to be friends with one, especially a work partner as smart, funny, and sexy as Fiona. Watching her with the Elfae prince drives him crazy, and he has no idea what to do about it.

When the ghost of a Scottish highlander appears insisting that Fiona is his beloved, the two are assigned to travel back in time to the historic battlegrounds, find the spirit, and break his hold on her. However, other angry creatures, including a vengeful vampire, threaten the mission before it’s even begun, challenging their partnership like never before.

The two must set aside their feelings and focus on uncovering this ghost’s identity—before highland dark magic traps Fiona in ancient Scotland for all time.


Witch and Demon Hunter, Book 2

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