Her Montana Brand

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Her Montana Brand

Whoever claimed it’s better to have loved and lost has never met Jess Palmer.

Small business owner and metalworks artist Damon Brand finally has his future in sight when his past rattles into town in a broken down car stuffed with designer clothes and sky high heels. The last time he saw Jess, he declared his undying love. She stranded him by the side of the road, taking his boots, pants and the tattered remnants of his heart in return.

It’s not easy to outgrow a wild child reputation, especially one so deserved.

Failed actress Jessica Palmer arrives back in Sweetheart, Montana homeless, destitute, and desperate, hoping to convince her grandfather to let her have her inheritance early so she can make a fresh start. He agrees, but the catch? She has to stay in town for six months and get a job to prove she’s matured. Unfortunately, she might have flamed a few bridges—some more important than others.

With every door that’s slammed shut in her face, Jess grows more determined than ever to prove she’s changed, even if it means she must turn to her first love, Damon, for a job at his gas station. Surely 10 years is enough time for him to forgive and forget…


Book 1 in the Brands of Montana series


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