Dark Knight’s Kiss

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Dark Knight’s Kiss

LAMB operative Fiona Maguire isn’t happy about the company Halloween party. A gathering of magical beings in a remote location when the veil between realms is thinnest? With alcohol, a full moon, and an antique suit of armor possessed by a treacherous spirit? It’s a recipe for disaster.

Half-demon Lorcan Wright senses the spirit targeting Fiona and desperately wants to protect her. The powerful witch hardly needs his help, but unfamiliar emotions are driving Lorcan, and it’s making him crazy. Together, they banish the creature but Fiona’s left injured. Wracked with guilt, Lorcan shuts her out. When the grisly remains of women killed by dark magic begin appearing, the agency is tasked with locating and assessing this magical being––without their best team.

The power of this creature, however, is unprecedented, and Lorcan and Fiona have no choice but to travel through time to recruit help. As they fight the malicious magic together, they’re forced to face the worst of their history…and the truth of their relationship. Will they survive their toughest challenge yet? Or will the dark knight’s kiss destroy the bond between them forever?


Witch and Demon Hunter, Book 3

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