Danger in the Outback

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Danger in the Outback

Who can you trust when danger arises?

School teacher Matilda Marchant arrives in Bunya Junction ready to leave her past, and an ex who won’t take no for an answer, behind. The challenge of re-opening the one-teacher school is just what she needs. Add in a house as part of the deal, and she’s packing her bags before the ink is dry on the contract. But when she arrives, the house is a mess and uninhabitable. Feeling misled, she runs straight into Drew Bradford, the town’s resident police officer.

Drew Bradford is restless. His friends are settling down, he’s the only police officer in town, and he’s thinking about relocating to the city. The last thing he expects is the way the sassy new teacher opens his eyes to possibilities he thought lost, especially when they discover a mutual love for all things home renovation. Purchasing the dilapidated house seemed obvious to Drew and as he and Matilda restore it to its former glory, they grow closer still.

But danger is coming. The man Matilda left behind doesn’t want to give her up and Drew will do anything he can to keep her, and the future he wants with her, safe.


Welcome to Bunya Junction, Book 5

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