Bethany Meets Her Match

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Bethany Meets Her Match

She’s always felt unstoppable until him…

Bethany Lee thrives on achievement and challenge. She’s attended a top tier medical school and chases that with a prestigious ER residency in her first choice New York hospital. Now she’s vying for another prize—a fellowship that will pay off her medical school debt and prove to everyone she has what it takes to win. It’s hers until she hits a wall. A very tall, dark and handsome infuriating wall.

Ethan Wu loves his new life in New York far from his controlling mother back in Taiwan. His residency in ER medicine is enjoyably challenging, inspiring him to explore remaining in New York permanently. On the advice of an immigration attorney, he applies for a fellowship. He’s a dream candidate, but one beautiful and irritatingly competitive contender stands in his way.

Soon Bethany and Ethan compete on everything in and out of the ER, including cases, making dumplings and playing board games. They discover they make an unbeatable team. But with their future goals on the line, can they learn to fight for something beyond work—like love?


From Sunset Park, With Love, Book 3

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