All’s Fair with Love and Cowboys

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All’s Fair with Love and Cowboys

Hard work can’t buy love…

Bennett Marshall used the heartbreak over losing his first love to catapult his family’s ranching operation into Texas fame. Fifteen years later, the only property left to claim in his valley is the canyon owned by the same woman who broke his heart all those years ago. Then she rides back into town, and taking over her ranch takes a back seat. Claiming her heart is so much more appealing.

Maggie Newman’s late father left her the ranch he kicked her off of when she graduated high school. He wanted more for her, and she made good on that demand. She’s the owner of one of the premier ranching equipment companies in Texas, which means she doesn’t have time to fix the mess he left behind. What’s more, the love from her past is standing on her front porch, upending everything she thought she wanted out of life.

Hearts are on the line this go-round—will Maggie and Bennett discover their passion and drive are the perfect match before they sign away their happiness?


The Marshall Brothers of Texas, Book 1

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