Erika Marks

The Christmas Curse

Tule Publishing

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The Christmas Curse

After being dumped by her last three boyfriends over the holidays, Emily Parker is determined to break her Christmas Curse–and what better way than to spend this Christmas at a remote cabin in the Carolina mountains, where her recently cold-footed boyfriend can’t reach her to break things off…

For small-town veterinarian Griff Boone, the holidays are only a painful reminder of loss–which is why he has a long-standing tradition of leaving town for Christmas. One last house call to Cozy Cabins’ aging golden retriever and he’s on his way out of Dodge until the New Year…

But when an ice storm strands Griff and Emily together for the holiday weekend, their careful plans to fly solo are tossed like last year’s tree.

Will unexpected attraction confirm Griff and Emily’s worst fears–or could this year’s Christmas Curse be a blessing in disguise?

Book 6 in Loveless and Dunn

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